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          Fresenius Group Overview




          We orient our activities within the Fresenius Group to longterm goals, and thus ensure that our work is aligned to the needs of patients and employees, as well as shareholders and business partners, in a sustainable manner. Our responsibility as a health care group goes beyond our business operations. We are committed to protecting nature as the basis of life and using its resources responsibly. It is our mission to constantly improve our performance in the areas of environmental protection, occupational health and technical safety, and product responsibility and logistics, and to comply with legal requirements.

          The international ISO Standard 14001 for environmental management is implemented at our various production plants and most of our dialysis clinics. Among other things, key environmental performance indicators are, for instance, not only energy and water consumption, but also the volumes of waste and recycling rates at our locations.

          In Europe, our production sites are subject to the EU regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of CHemicals). The aim of REACH is to protect human health and the environment against hazards and risks from chemical substances.

          Detailed information on our environmental management can be found in our Nonfinancial Report.